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Positively Produce

Positively Produce

Are those occasionally moldy and overpriced produce at the super market giving you the food blues? Well, summer in Chicago is a fantastic time to explore the local farmers markets that each neighborhood has! Our staff loves checking out what their neighborhood markets have to offer. Get some friends together, bring a few bucks and support the local farming community.


Supporting farmers markets is not only a great way to obtain actually fresh produce at affordable prices, but it’s also a terrific way to stay healthy and fuel our bodies with food and nutrients to make us feel great. You can actually talk to the farmer, the person who grows the food. No middle unit, overly processed garbage, this food is coming straight from the source.


Check out this video from the USDA showcasing farmers markets:

Another exciting aspect is you can browse and sample foods you never thought existed (or at least never tried before). The options for fresh produce are endless and you could discover your new favorite exotic fruit or vegetable!


Check out this list/schedule of when and where the markets are located around Chicago this summer:

Click Here.

Share with us your favorite farmers market food and recipes with us below in the comment section!

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