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The Vestibular System: What You Don’t Know

What is the vestibular system?

The vestibular system is an integral part of the human balance system, which allows us to walk steady over various pavements and get out of bed without stumbling. Vestibular senses provide information related to movement and head position and promote balance. The vestibular system is central to your functioning of your core and can affect how you feel and how you perform day-to-day activities.

What are vestibular disorders?

Impaired balance can make everyday activities tiresome and even dangerous. Usually people who suffer from this impairedness experience dizziness, vertigo, hearing and vision problems, and difficulty with concentration and memory. This means that simple tasks such as attending events, going to work or school, shopping, or dining out can be difficult.

Will I have to deal with this forever?

Most types of vestibular disorders are short-term and can be cured. For example, vestibular dysfunction due to inflammation of the inner ear due to an infection usually lasts just a few days.

Others involve long-term or permanent damage to the inner ear and cannot be cured, but however, can be treated to minimize the impact of the symptoms.

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