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What is Myalgia?

What is myalgia? Perhaps you’ve been experiencing muscle pain or aching and have come across some unfamiliar terms. One term, myalgia, is a condition caused by injury to the muscles that often occurs with myositis (muscle inflammation). According to WebMD, another term used describe muscle pain is myofascial pain syndrome (MPS), which refers to both pain and inflammation. Although the most common cause of muscle pain is overuse or over-stretching, the pain is typically a symptom of many diseases and disorders.

Understanding muscle pain is important because people who suffer from these symptoms, often experience other conditions, such as depression, fatigue, and behavioral disturbances. Many sufferers spend years seeking a diagnosis for their pain, which leads to more severe complications.

If you believe yourself to be suffering from myalgia, myositis, or MPS, call Balance Chicago to discuss a treatment plan. We offer physical therapy, which provides a rapid recovery utilizing the best possible exercise programs! Make the choice to take care of your body, and reclaim your happiness! 773.525.5200

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