Exercises for Dizziness You can do at Home |

Exercises for Dizziness You can do at Home

Physical therapists often recommend a particular set of habituation exercises for individuals who experience ongoing dizziness and unsteadiness. These are movements to be performed at home several times every week to gradually improve a sense of balance and ease of daily activity. Habituation will occur such that the individual will become accustomed to the certain sensations that initially caused dizziness, and they will eventually experience minimal to no symptoms.

Exercise 1:

  1. Obtain two small note cards and write a letter A in the middle of both.
  2. Tape them to a wall about ten inches apart.
  3. Focus on the A on one of the note cards.
  4. For a thirty second interval, switch your focus back and forth between the letters moving nothing but the eyes.

Try performing this exercise three times in a row.

This may be done horizontally (with the note cards next to each other) or vertically (with one card above the other)


Exercise 2:

  1. Obtain one small note card and write a letter A in the middle of it.
  2. Hold it in one hand and focus on the A
  3. For a thirty second interval, move your head horizontally side to side or vertically up and down without taking your eyes off of the A

Try performing this exercise 3 times in a row.


Begin these exercises slowly. Focus is more important than speed in completing them. As your focus improves, your symptoms will decrease, and your speed will increase.

These movements may be done sitting, standing, or walking. So if able to perform them while sitting, try to do so when standing, and progress to walking.

These exercises require focus and coordination. They will become progressively easier such that the individual will be able to focus on particular stimuli without losing balance. So over time, the individual can increase the level of difficulty of these exercises by increasing the speed or distance at which they move their head. When doing so, the original symptoms of dizziness and uneasiness will fade, allowing the individual to have a much steadier everyday life.

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