Overcoming the Winter Weather |

Overcoming the Winter Weather

As we get further into the winter season, we grow increasingly concerned about our safety outside. Weather conditions, such as ice and snow, certainly can be dangerous when walking or traveling somewhere. Many physical therapy patients cancel appointments in fear of falling outside and worsening their physical health. Overall though, most individuals spend more time inside throughout the winter months. We must always remain active and mobile in some way to prevent stiffness or fatigue.

Here are some ways to keep moving even when the cold weather gets dangerous.

Stretch throughout the day. Perform stretches at the beginning and end of each day for the legs, hips, back, and neck. Stretching is especially accessible because you may do so at your own level and time without having to go anywhere.

Walk around the house or walk outside with a buddy to ensure the safety of each other. It is crucial to stay active throughout the year with about thirty minutes of exercise each day.

Even when staying inside the house, you may perform some form of strengthening exercises. These may include balance training, weight bearing, or yoga positions. Videos online can serve as a great tool for guiding yourself through a variety of movements that will keep your entire body strong and healthy.

It is essentially critical to maintain an active lifestyle throughout the year. Whether it is bright and sunny or cold and icy outside, always spend most of the day moving about, standing, stretching, and so on to take care of your physical health. Doing so will allow you to prevent any aching or fatigue from lack of exercise and will keep you in great form at all times.

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