Plan of Care

One of the biggest obstacles in physical therapy for patients is maintaining a consistent plan of care. These obstacles can come in many different forms: financial issues, vacations, work, or just too busy in general with day-to-day life. However, it is important to remember the importance of maintaining consistency with not only your appointments that the Physical Therapist prescribes but your home exercise program as well, because changes in our bodies do not happen overnight.

The majority of people who seek physical therapy do so because they are in some sort of pain. In today’s world, everyone wants to see results instantly when realistically this is often not attainable. Often times we will see improvements in our function before the pain begins to decrease. In the first 4-6 weeks, oftentimes our pain will fluctuate, but you might not feel like you are improving. However, there is a significant change and steady progress forward. Around the 4-6 week mark when muscle gains and other changes in our body start to occur is when we can expect to see the pain start to steadily decrease.

The overall message here is to “Trust the Process” and don’t get frustrated if you do fall into this category.  No matter the reason you decided to start physical therapy, if you intend on seeing results, then the best course of action is for you to adhere to whatever plan the Therapists prescribe for you. If patients aren’t compliant in their home exercise program and with their treatments, then they are likely going to take longer to see results, or even more commonly quit PT out of frustration of not seeing results.