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Meditation & Dizziness

Did you know your vestibular system controls your balance?

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a powerful tool and many people know it is very beneficial for them. Some people think meditation is just for relaxation; however, meditation can be used for a variety of purposes to create a variety of benefits. One of these benefits is for patients who suffer from dizziness. There are a couple of reasons why meditation is helpful for dizziness including decreasing anxiety and facilitating grounding.

Why May Meditation Help People Struggling with Dizziness?

The most obvious reason for why meditation may help people struggling with dizziness is that meditation is helpful for anxiety. People who struggle with dizziness tend to also struggle with anxiety for a variety of physiologic reasons. In many people, symptoms of anxiety will exacerbate their symptoms of dizziness and vice versa. Meditation has been shown to decrease anxiety and can therefore help break this negative feedback loop.

A less obvious reason, but a potentially more powerful one, for why meditation helps dizziness is that meditation can be used to facilitate grounding. Grounding refers to the practice of utilizing tactile (re: touch) information to help improve awareness of where one’s body is in space. It can be a powerful tool for decreasing dizziness because dizziness is essentially an error signal that indicates that your brain does not know where your body and head are located relative to the world around you. Utilizing grounding techniques, such as meditation, can give your brain more information about where your body is in space and therefore improve symptoms of dizziness.

Dizziness & Meditation

Since not everyone with dizziness is the same, it is not surprising that some people respond really well to meditation, while others do not see great benefits for their dizziness. The nice thing about meditation is that there is very little risk to trying it and it is also free to do so!


Grounding is an excellent meditation to help with dizziness. Watch the video below to learn the technique from Dr. Kyle Reese Shmidlkofer, PT, DPT:

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