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Thanksgiving – A Risk of Dizziness

Thanksgiving, A Risk Of Dizziness Get Expert Care Today. Click Here To Book An Appointment. Thanksgiving is a great holiday for spending time with family and friends. Whether your day involves watching the parade, cheering at the football game, or spending a quiet day at home, a core event of Thanksgiving is enjoying a large feast around the table. Many

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Physical Therapy For Dancers

Physical Therapy For Dancers Get Expert Care Today. Click Here To Book An Appointment. Dance is an athletic activity that requires great balance and strength but can also produce several injuries. As rehabilitation directly targeted for dancers is becoming more common and accessible, physical therapists have been able to improve their overall physical capabilities. Dancers often need physical therapy because

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Positively Produce

Positively Produce Are those occasionally moldy and overpriced produce at the super market giving you the food blues? Well, summer in Chicago is a fantastic time to explore the local farmers markets that each neighborhood has! Get some friends together, bring a few bucks and support the local farming community. Supporting farmers markets is not only a great way to

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