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Events at Balance Chicago

Dr. Michele Kehrer and Dr. Kylie Reese hosting virtual events

We can't wait to return to in-person events!
Until then, we host virtual events that are open to everyone.

Weather, daylight and health fluctuate seasonally. Did you know that dizziness can also be triggered by these factors? Every year we see a rise in people suffering with these symptoms as the winter months approach. If you or a loved one are struggling with dizziness, we can help and we offer a support group. We address questions you may have and give you a chance to connect with others who are experiencing issues. Join us October 31st at 11am via ZOOM for our vestibular support group, click the link to register.

Connecting To Our Community Virtually

Balance Chicago has always and is always committed to giving back to our patients and our community. We love helping and caring for those in need and those that care for others. We offer a variety of workshops for little to no cost to you. Our informational workshops are open to everyone in our community! We also support many local charities and host events for these charities.

If your group is interested in us hosting a class for you, please feel free to reach out and we will work with you to set up a virtual class. Below is a shortlist of classes that we have done and we are open to creating others that are interesting to you. Please reach out with your great ideas and we can make it happen.

All of our classes are interactive. We want you to get up and be active in class and in your life.

We also offer quarterly vestibular support groups for patients, family, and friends to come and learn about having a dizziness or balance disorder and how to manage it.

Scroll down to see our upcoming events and come back often. We are always adding more.
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Come learn with us. We hope to see you soon!

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