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Hello! We're Balance Chicago

Balance Chicago was opened in 2006 by Dr. Michele Kehrer with the goal to focus on patients over impairments. It’s important each patient is treated as a whole person, not as just a body part. Getting the root cause is imperative to each person’s care.

Experts in Vestibular and Orthopedic Therapy

We specialize in vestibular rehabilitation, which includes a variety of disorders including benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), labyrinthitis and vestibular neuritis, concussions, and Meniere’s disease. More than 90 percent of our patients report complete alleviation of their symptoms. Our approach focuses on the most current and innovative research to ensure patients are returning to their daily activities and lives as quickly as possible. We practice the art of medicine here at Balance Chicago. Dr. Michele is a vestibular rehabilitation innovator whose work has been featured in such publications as Martha Stewart Living and Oprah Magazine.

Meet Our Founder Michele Kehrer, PT, DPT

Dr. Michele realized early in her career that people could get relief from their dizziness and not have to live with their symptoms. Her approach to care formed working as a certified athletic trainer in the suburbs of Chicago. Michele worked in a clinic that worked with the local community, including the local high school. After two student athletes sustained head injuries in the same game, she recognized the concern of sending athletes back to sports or life after a head injury. During this time, there was an increase of patients suffering from dizziness and balance disorders. Michele started researching other ways to evaluate and treat head injuries and dizziness. She and a few other medical professionals began to challenge parts of the medical community that thought dizziness could not be relieved. This led to the birth of her vestibular rehabilitation career. 

Michele was inspired to go back to school after her clinic received a contract with the Department of Defense at Great Lakes Naval Base and collaborated with NASA on research. She then obtained her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from University of Illinois – Chicago Doctorate in Physical Therapy and opened Balance Chicago. Her ongoing mission is to do things differently than other physical therapists  had done before.

Our Core Values

Balance Chicago is founded on four major core values. They are: 

  • Lifelong Learning 
  • Exceptional Care 
  • Always Grateful
  • Dream Team 

We uphold these values to provide top care for our patients. Balance Chicago is dedicated to balancing and restoring the health of our patients to get them back to doing what they love. We offer elite physical therapy care to treat a multitude of ailments in addition to dizziness and balance issues: post-surgical care, post-mastectomy care, neck and back pain, sports-related injuries, and more!

Our Dedicated Team Of Experts

Nicole Kaklis

Nicole Kaklis, Marketing Director

Crystal Gonzalez

Crystal Gonzalez, Front Desk & Aide

Giselle Ramiro, Front Desk & Aide

Community Outreach

At Balance Chicago, we pride ourselves on our community. Beyond our participation in community activities, events, and organizations, Balance Chicago has also contributed to several charity organizations throughout the city. We are involved in a variety of charities through donating our time, knowledge, and resources. We proud partners with The Breasties, The Village Chicago, VEDA, ALS, One Tail at a Time, Anti-Cruelty Society, and many more! If your organization would like to be considered for our yearly review of charitable giving toward your non-profit organization, please contact us here or call our office.

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