Treatment Tools

Vestibular Treatment Tools


This treatment tool is unique and crucial when treating symptoms of dizziness. This improves your eye’s focus and visual tracking, which are affected when you have dizziness and vestibular issues. This is accomplished by fixating your gaze on a target while performing various head movements simultaneously. This will improve your ability to focus and concentrate on daily tasks.


Reflexion is an engaging neuro-fitness platform to train vestibular and oculomotor movements. Reflexion’s drills are designed to improve cognitive skills like reaction time, peripheral vision, eye-hand coordination, and memory, while being fun and engaging for patients.


With this device, your hand-eye coordination, gaze stability, and visual tracking will be challenged as you maintain your balance on the unstable platform (the KAT board). Hand-eye coordination is essential in precise functional movements and will assist you in achieving your functional goals. 


The Binovi Touch is the next generation in hand- eye coordination and gaze stability. The Binovi Touch provides a variety of personalized vision activities and allows for Physical Therapist to receive insights on patterns and trends within patient performance and progression. 


Along with the Saccadic Fixator, the KAT board improves all aspects of your balance due to its unsteady surface. Handrails assist in maintaining safety as your balance system is challenged by the compliant board, which can be altered to meet your individual needs in order to accelerate goal achievement. This will improve your ability to navigate unpredictable and unsteady surfaces in daily life.


These goggles allow us to observe your eyes in the dark. We are able to tell exactly where your dizziness is coming from within you. We determine if your problem is more of an electrical problem (nerve) or a mechanical problem (crystal). From here, we are able to accurately prescribe your treatment plan to fix your dizziness and to tell you approximately the duration of your physical therapy.